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How to Hang a Mosquito Net Bed Canopy

After months of cocooning ourselves in cozy knits and fluffy fleece, we’re craving a light, airy, romantic refresh for the bedroom. This out-of-Africa décor look—featuring Annie’s tropically inspired bedding and her amazing eye for texture—has us all sorts of jazzed. Who knew that some pale, watery colors, contrasting fabrics, and a well-placed bit of mosquito netting could create so much drama? Even better, you can hang this faux netting canopy in less than a half hour, using only a handful of common tools and supplies.

Mosquito Net canopy cover shot


Let’s get to it.

What you’ll need:
Eye screw or hook screw
Wall anchor (optional; see step 1)
Hinged ring
Mosquito netting (available at fabric stores; see step 2 for quantity)
Measuring tape


mosquito net canopy supplies


How to do it:
1. Pick the canopy hanging location over your bed. A good general rule is about ¼ down from the head of the bed. Mark the spot with a pencil. Screw the eye screw into the ceiling at the pencil mark. If you’re drilling into drywall instead of wood, insert a wall anchor before affixing the eye screw.


Mosquito net canopy 1


2. Measure from the mark diagonally over the bed to the floor. Add about a foot to that measurement so that the fabric can “puddle” to create a romantic feeling; then double this measurement. This is the length of one panel; cut a second panel to the same length.


Mosquito net canopy 2


3. Find the center of the fabric in both of your panels, and gather it into one hand. With the other hand, place the hinged ring around the center of both fabric panels.


mosquito net canopy 3

mosquito net canopy 4


5. Hang the ring from the eye screw, then arrange the panels to the desired drape.


mosquito net canopy 5_edit
mosquito net canopy 6]

mosquito net canopy 7


See? Told you it was easy. Check out the bedding here:

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