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In the Green Time: Happy Houseplant Care

Going organic isn’t limited to trips to the grocery store; it’s also a great way to energize a neutral space. Potted plants of any kind breathe life into a room—literally and figuratively—and give an instant color upgrade to any neutral interior.

Plants with unique textures can also add an extra layer to a room—think feathery ferns and spider plants, spiny cacti, and thick, stripy zebra aloes. Here are a few of our favorite houseplants.




Romanesque Broccoli




Show Me the Love

For happy houseplants, follow these basic care tips:

  1. Water adequately, but not too much. Once a week is fine for most plants. When in doubt, check the top inch of soil. If it’s dry just beneath this layer, it’s time to water.
  2. Provide proper light. Though there are exceptions, most houseplants need either direct or strong reflected light.
  3. Provide good air circulation. Opening windows or running small fans, if needed, can reduce problems with insects.
  4. Watch for salt buildup. This is caused by evaporation of water, and is characterized by leaves turning brown from the tips inward. To leach out excess salt, take the plant outside or set it in the shower and give it, including the foliage, a good soaking.
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