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The Great Cover-Up: Pet Beds Made Pretty


Love your pet to pieces but wish his or her accessories didn’t look so, well, petlike? Say hola to dog and cat beds and bed covers that are not only soft, supportive, functional, and 100 percent washable, but also function as home décor and look pretty darn smart in an interior room design.

Annie’s best-selling, all-weather-appropriate WOUF pet bed is an easy-clean dream. It’s crafted of a tough, virtually chew-proof woven polypropylene—and stuffed with smoosh-able polystyrene beads—so no matter what kind of mess you dog, cat, or . . . other pet (no kidding; click here for more) makes, it hoses off or scrubs up in the bathtub or utility sink in a snap. (Take a peek at our simple pet-bed cleaning how-to.) It comes in three sizes and nine snappy stripes, but if you’re looking for a more sophisticated color palette, you can top it off with WOUF-Wear,  innovative woven cotton covers with a drawstring that pulls tightly underneath the pet bed to secure it in place, and that provide a softer surface for squish-loving felines and older dogs. Then whip off the cover and toss it in the washing machine to remove dirt and pet hair/odors (we recommend once a week, or more if your pet gets any, ahem, stains on it).


What’s your favorite piece of pet-friendly yet pretty home décor?

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