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Graphic Rugs for Small Spaces

We love to tell our friends not to be daunted by decorating diminutive spaces! Small-space decorating provides a fun opportunity to make a big impact with just a few well-selected pieces. At the top of our go-to list is graphic rugs! We adore them for their visual punch and their ability to make small spaces appear bigger. We also love how they add instant drama to any room with solid furniture and clean lines.

What’s also great is that with small spaces, you’re not dealing with big-budget, large-sized rugs! Smaller spaces don’t require the same expansive (and expensive) coverage as their larger counterparts, so you have more green to spend on a better quality rug. And since area rugs are easy to change up, they’re really the perfect way for renters to enhance the look of their favorite rooms as well. We’ve got the scoop from Annie on her favorite new rugs for those small spaces:

The Cool Blues:

Featuring our Wenona Rug, Manteo Rug, and Moorehead Rug.

The Peachy Hues:

Featuring our Cary Rug and Casar Rug.

The Nuanced Neutrals:

Featuring our Hickory Rug and Shiloh Rug.

Do you have a small space with big style? Let us know in the comments below!

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