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Gifts with Heart & History: 5 Reasons to Love Monograms

1. Monograms have a fascinating and democratic history. Back when textiles and utensils were exceedingly valuable – and people were expected to travel with their own – the nobility marked their prized effects with heraldry. Those without an ancestral coat of arms used their initials instead … and a new tradition was born.


2. They’re manifestly personal. No generic gifts here! Taking the time to add a monogram levels up a thoughtful present to a one-of-a-kind gesture.


3. They can introduce a pop of color…. A hot pink monogram on a white sham? Yes, please!


4. Or create an elegant tone-on-tone design. A pink fleece robe, say, with initials stitched in coral or silver thread.


5. They create an opportunity for wit and whimsy. Instead of limiting yourself to names and initials, consider mottos, mantras, or in the case of this guestroom… naughty & nice. (Just be sure to prioritize pith: There’s an eight character limit on monograms.)

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