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Friday Fun Best of the Web: Summer Roundup Edition

While we’re sad to see summer slipping away, we’re always happy for the opportunity to look back at our favorite decorating tips, DIYs, and recipes from the season. So if you didn’t have a chance to join us the first time around, take a peek; you might just find your next weekend project or treat right here.


How-To: Make This Bridesmaid Swag Bag


June might be the undisputed champ of wedding months, but October and December are quickly gaining steam. Show your bridesmaids just how much you appreciate their being part of your big day by putting together these cute and super-simple favors, packed with practical stuff they’ll use for years to come. Don’t be afraid to switch in your own personalized extras, or change up the color palette to match your wedding.


Packing the Perfect Picnic


By our very scientific sweater-barometer calculations—that is, how many mornings we now need to don a sweater just to drive to the office in the morning—we estimate that there are about four good weeks left to picnic season in the northern parts of the country. (If you live in the South or the West, you can easily multiply that by 3 or 4.) So why not take advantage of your good fortune now?


10 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.59.20 PM

See above sweater-barometer calculations, then mark your calendar for the ultimate party: an outdoor movie viewing, complete with decorating ideas, snack recipes, and more. Guaranteed unforgettable fun.


Easy Succulent Container Garden


If you live in a warm climate, you can make this sophisticated, textural planting any time of year. No worries if you’re in a cooler region, though; you can still put together a smaller, countertop or windowsill version of this succulent container planting, courtesy of Bunny Williams’s head gardener Eric Ruquist.


Tasty Treats for Four-Legged Friends: Homemade Dog Biscuits

Carrot and Banana Natural Dog Treats

We’re not the only ones who’ve made the switch to healthier eating habits. And as our dogs can attest, healthful food can be delicious food. If you can keep Spot from snarfing down the entire tray as soon as they exit the oven, store them in airtight containers in the pantry and in your go bag for road trips.


How to Create the Ultimate Care Package


The school year has been under way for a few weeks now—just long enough for homework overload and homesickness to set in. Show your support by putting together this thoughtful care package, full of dorm-room essentials and creature comforts your son or daughter will love. Hint: it’s the perfect mood booster for midterm and finals weeks, too.


How to Place a Rug in a Room

J Latter Design Houzz

Get the professionally decorated look without shelling out a dime by following Annie’s foolproof tips for rug and furniture arrangement in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, nursery or kids’ room, and bathroom. You won’t believe how easy it is—and how much of a difference it makes.


Sassy Sandwiches: Coconut Curry Chicken on Toasted Naan

cury chicken salad 5

A nutritious, flavor-packed meal doesn’t have to be complicated. Find out how to craft this killer spicy-sweet chicken sandwich—appropriate for any season simply by switching out the greens—with ingredients that are easy to find in any decent-size grocery store.


Artist Crush: Maggie Mailer

panel 2_contrast

With its soft-focus quality, mix of color and form, literate references, and inimitable luminosity, Maggie Mailer’s art makes you look (and think) twice. If we could, we’d fill our houses with her lushly layered paintings.

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