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Fresh New Palettes for Setting the Holiday Table

The holidays are great fun on a variety of decorating fronts, but the dinner table might just be our favorite place to add a dash of the holiday happies. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Year’s are darn good excuses to switch up your usual seasonal style with something special, highly personalized, and even a little out-there. So today we’re using some gorgeous dinner plates as our inspiration, and creating color palettes and table linen combos around them. Just follow the palette and go for a mix-don’t-match approach, and you can get a similar look at home.

Whether you’re going for full-on sleek minimalism or a boho-eclectic jumble of pattern and color, don’t sweat the holiday place cards. Instead, try one of Annie’s tried-and-true methods for personalizing each guest’s spot at the Thanksgiving table:

1. A week before the big event, sift through the fall leaves in your backyard, and pull out a bunch of the prettiest colors that complement your plate-and-linens palette. Let the leaves dry indoors, pressing if needed to maintain their shape.

2. The day before the big event, carefully handwrite each guest’s name on a leaf with metallic gold or silver marker.

3. If you’re using napkin rings or bands and placing the napkins on top of your plates, tuck the stem of the leaf under the ring or band, with the guest’s name facing up. If you’re setting the napkins to the side or underneath the plate, place the leaf right in the center of the top plate. Easy, elegant, and inexpensive.


All-Natural Neutral


  1. Ten Strawberry Street Lotus Silver Line plate
  2. Zen placemat
  3. Chambray Linen Sable napkin


Blue Mood

blue mood

  1. Iittala Taika dinner plate
  2. Chambray Linen ink napkins
  3. Pleated Linen White placemat  


Vintage Vibes


  1. Lee Wolfe Pottery Minimalist dinnerware
  2. Trimaran Stripe Charcoal placemats
  3. Hydrangea napkins


High Contrast



  1. Jars Tourron Orange Plate 
  2. Ellipse Navy/Sprout napkin
  3. Trimaran Stripe Navy/Ivory placemat


Old World Chic


  1. World Market Passaro dinner plate
  2. Diamond Khaki /White placemats
  3. Spring Vert napkins


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Deborah Kester November 26, 2014 at 10:51 am

These are fabulous ideas. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to trying one of these throughout the upcoming holidays.


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