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In an offbeat suburban neighborhood in Salt Lake City, we came across one of the great highlights of our trip out west: Tulie Bakery, a French-style patisserie and café that’s been serving up some incredible sweets since 2008. Founded by Leslie Seggar, Tulie focuses on the pure, top-quality, local ingredients that are creatively combined into mouthwatering croissants, exquisite cakes and tarts, and hearty cookies. With its casual, communal long tables (made of reclaimed wood), floor-to-ceiling windows, and vintage French bread boards, this warm, friendly little gem is the perfect place to linger over a fragrant cappuccino and flavor-packed pastry.

We sipped Café Mochas and French roast coffee while indulging in the cinnamon-sugared morning bun (every bit as delectable as promised by our new best friend, SLC Foodie); the buttery frangipane croissant; and a dense, moist lemon-almond tea cake—definitely one of the best we’ve ever had. Once we decimated the box, we went back for a package of gingerbread cookies for the road, and can attest that these spicy, chewy, glazed wonders had us rushing to our kitchens to figure out the exact clove-to-nutmeg ratio. We didn’t, but we’ll always have our memories. Thanks, Tulie, for the sweet spoils.


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Laitita October 25, 2015 at 10:32 pm

I went to this place and received really bad service from the cashier. I will never go back. We have been to Québec and France and never got an unpleasant visit to any bakery there. Such a disappointment.

Fresh American October 27, 2015 at 11:46 am

Sorry to hear it, Laitita! We had a really nice experience at the bakery, but it sounds like you caught it on a bad day. Such a pity!


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