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Fermob Furniture + Dash & Albert = The Great Outdoors

When we find a home-products designer that just gets it, our minds immediately start turning with ways to combine what we’ve got right here at Chez Fresh American with our fun new finds. Take Fermob furniture, which caught our attention at January’s New York Gift Show. For more than 20 years, this French company has been designing playful and practical metal indoor/outdoor furniture in off-the-charts-cool color choices. From dining tables to accent tables, lounges, loveseats, and a seemingly endless array of  chairs, Fermob isn’t kidding around with it creations, which currently grace hundreds of hotels, restaurants, public parks and gardens, libraries, and private homes.

You can read all about Fermob’s commitment to environmentally friendly design and manufacture, and how easy it is to clean and maintain their pieces. But since we can’t wait for spring, we can’t resist a few fabulous pairings of Fermob furniture and Annie’s own Dash & Albert rugs and accessories. Which ones are your faves?


1. Fermob 0241 Cargo Table  

Dash & Albert Two-Tone Rope rug in Turquoise/White

2. Fermob 1704 Armchair

Fresh American Admiral Pillow in Red/Ivory

3. Fermob 4161 Large Low Table/Garden Bench

Dash & Albert Happy Yellow Stripe rug

4. Fermob 7100 Armchair

Dash & Albert Two-Tone Rope rug in Tangerine/White



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