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Feat of Clay

Daniel Bellow was the arts nerd who haunted the ceramics studio of his Massachusetts high school, frequented gallery openings, and wandered the Chinese porcelain and Japanese stoneware displays at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After an apprenticeship and formal study at Wesleyan University, he skipped tracks to follow the practical path of a newspaper reporter, only to be dealt a life-is-too-short wallop that came with the death of friend and fellow writer Daniel Pearl.

So Bellow went back to wheel, and in 2002 established Daniel Bellow Pottery in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He now offers a full line of decidedly rough-hewn, Asian-inspired dinnerware that is nontoxic, microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and beautifully original. As he puts it on his website, “Things that are made by hand have a life of their own, a spirit, that machine-made objects, no matter how well designed, are lacking. Surround yourself with useful, beautiful things made by real people. A life well-lived is itself a work of art.”

This year, Bellow also forged a partnership with Anthropologie, which is selling selections from his current collection. Pick up some pieces there or in Dan’s own store for your holiday table, and don’t forget the extras to give as gifts.


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