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Every Detail Counts: The Trained Eye Guide to Designing Your Dream Closet

A serial renovator who knows how to make any space more beautiful – and more livable – Annie Selke shares her tips and tricks for a successful space. As she embarks on a full-house renovation of her bougainvillea-covered home designed by Hollywood Regency architect John Elgin Woolfe in Palm Desert, California, we’ll go room by room to share her expert insights and product picks:

Call in the pros. While it may seem like a luxury to invest in a California Closets system, anyone who has done it will tell you: It is the best value they’ve ever gotten out of renovation dollars. Because what you pay for with California Closets is not just the shelves and drawers, it’s also the expertise of their designers, who have designed dozens if not hundreds of closets before. That deep knowledge is invaluable.

Start where you are. When you book an appointment to meet with a California Closet consultant, it may be tempting to tidy up beforehand, but Annie says you should resist the urge. Seeing the true “before” in your closet will help your designer identify what the trouble spots are.

Make a plan for everything. Write a short description of your goals for your new closet, and measure what takes up space in your existing closet. Annie even goes so far as to make a list of exactly how many she has of each item—shoes, jeans, sweaters, shawls (a big one for her!), workout clothes, belts, sleepwear, hats, and bags.

Reduce your visual clutter. To create a calm, orderly feeling, every [or most] section of the closet is hidden behind doors or drawers with no visible hardware or hinges for an incredibly sleek and streamlined look. Closed doors also keep dust off of rarely worn items.

Focus on finishes. Annie is no stranger to closet design: She’s designed multiple closets for her previous homes. She knew from experience that California Closets’s custom closet system would give her a better use of space and aesthetic control in her new home. Annie opted for the Tesoro Linen finish on the doors and shelves of her main closet, which gives the space a sophisticated and stylish look. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider making a mood board of dream closets for inspo!

Personalize your closet. Even a tiny touch of decoration can make a closet feel like a destination. Annie chose to incorporate a special mirror into her primary closet to add personality, but you might paint your walls a bright color, wallpaper the back wall, or add a quirky light fixture to give the space spunk.

Don’t forget the rest! The focus of your closet design will be storing clothes, but many of us store our other things in our clothing closets: Luggage, sports paraphernalia, hampers. Planning in spots for your miscellaneous items will mean you’re not trying to cram them in later.

Fill your closet!

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