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Entre Nous: Why We Love nousDECOR

In the home décor world, we hear one complaint pretty consistently, and it goes a little something like this: I love the photos I see in magazines and on websites of amazing interior designs, but I can never track down where the items I like most were purchased from. Or I find them, but they’re out of my price range. A few years ago, Heather Gillette was in the same boat, trying to flesh out the room design she had in her mind. She had inherited a gilded French chandelier from a friend, and needed two more to balance out the proportions of a long, narrow hallway. While spending hours online looking for the perfect match, she asked herself a questions shouldn’t there be a place online where you can search for home décor by details such as category, color, size, and price, and that offers you options from both mainstream retailers and smaller, independent sources?


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 4.07.28 PM


Heather created nousDECOR to answer this question and more. Not just a mood board or a place to pin inspirational images, nousDECOR helps you get an editorial look at home by allowing you to upload photos, then search for their components across retailers. A “same look, different price alternative” feature even allows you to find something similar to that $8,000 Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams velvet sofa you’ve been drooling over—at a price that’s more appropriate for your wallet.


Moodboard 1 Nous Decor_1

Moodboard 2 Nous Decor_2


NousDECOR currently has more than 3,000 mood boards full of décor inspiration, with products—actual and lookalike—called out right next door, so you can make a purchase with a simple click. Members of the community can also interact on their likes and dislikes, and share tips on items they’ve seen that might fit your bill. And with celebrity interior designer Mark Cutler on board to offer advice, you can decorate most, if not all, of a room in one place. Without ever leaving yours.


Now we just have to decide which room to start with.

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