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You’ve got varied tastes and a bunch of favorite pieces and products. Taking an eclectic approach to your décor is a great way to combine them, but it’s easy to tip the balance between colorful collector and cuckoo-crazy. This Spanish flat, featured on the French blog Planete-Deco, shows us all how to do eclectic right.

The blank-canvas white walls and neutral large furniture pieces—like the oversize, salvaged-wood coffee and dining tables and the sleek ivory sofa—ground the apartment and allow accent pieces, art, and objects to take center stage. We love the easygoing, rustic vibe and the adventurous combination of textiles, from the natural-fiber rugs to the smooth striped cotton on the dining chairs, and the mishmash of neutral florals on the living room chairs. Thanks to the judicious placement of vibrantly hued pieces—a blue desk lamp here, a cherry-colored accent table and a jewel-toned Indian-inspired runner there—the flat actually doesn’t read like a neutral space at all.

Where this interior really shines is in the curiosities—quirky objects and oddities that tell a story of their own. Sure, the collections of hunting trophies on the walls are hard to miss, but what about the grouping of colored balloon jars in the dining room; the Asian birdcage in the hall; the many baskets in a variety of weaves, shapes, and sizes; and the botanical-illustration scrolls on the bedroom wall? It all adds up to a space that’s beautiful, thought-provoking, and full of personality.

Want to learn more about decorating with curiosities? See Annie’s tips here. Then tell us in the comments what types of curiosities you have in your home.

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