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Pop quiz: what’s the quickest way to give your table a new look for every lunch, dinner, birthday party, barbecue, or any occasion in between? Table linens, in all their fabulously colorful glory. This season, Annie’s got the perfect placemat, napkin, or tea towel to pep up your meal—in less time than it takes to make a pitcher of iced tea.

What we love most about Annie’s current collection is the mixability factor: from coastal blues and seafaring patterns to juicy stripes, bold geometrics, elegant (but never precious) florals, ethnic-inspired textiles, and solids with sass, there are almost endless pairing possibilities. Annie thinks the latest linen napkins and tea towels, which offer superior durability and absorbability, are especially fab. And the cottons—in a rainbow-shaming range of hues—are easy-care classics that are affordable enough for stocking up on several colors for frequent switch-outs.

If you can’t get enough of al fresco dining, polypropylene placemats are the way to go: no matter what the spill—red wine, beet juice, blackberry jam—they’ll rinse clean in the washing machine. Lay them flat to dry, and they’re ready to go.

And here’s the best news yet: from July 16 to 23, Annie’s offering 30% off all Pine Cone Hill napkins, placemats, and tea towels. Stock up now, and get everything you need for a year’s worth of get-togethers and everyday dining!









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