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Easy DIY Sugar and Salt Crafts

We get it: winter is a beautiful time of year, especially when there’s a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and the trees. (Not so much when there’s a pile of dingy grey snow lining sidewalks and driveways. But we digress.) But it’s also not the most inspirational time of year to be outside, at least not for any length of time. If you love the idea of making something that honors the season, looks pretty and wintry, and is crazy-simple to make, we’ve rounded up the best DIY crafts made with sugar and salt.


DIY nontoxic bath fizzies Sugar and Charm

DIY Nontoxic Bath Fizzies by Sugar and Charm 

The embellishments of this recipe are completely customizable, so you can get exactly the colors and textures you want. Try dried flowers and herbs, or even small slices of candied fruit.


Lavender Mint Scrub recipe Julie Blanner

Lavender Mint Scrub by Julie Blanner 

Perfect for sloughing off dry winter skin, this all-natural recipe can be made in less than 10 minutes. Make a big batch, spoon it into jars, and top with a pretty tag to give away as gifts.


Salt Dough gift tags PopSugar

Salt Dough Gift Tags by PopSugar

Not just for the holidays; use them to personalize birthday, baby shower, and housewarming gifts, or tie them with a ribbon around planters and vases.


DIY winter dioramas finished

DIY Winter Sugar Dioramas by Fresh American Style

Great for the holidays but adorable all winter long, these sugar dioramas take a bit of preplanning, but the results look so professional, guests will be asking where you got them.


Rainbow Salt DIY Flax and Twine

Rainbow Salt DIY by Flax and Twine

If you’re crafting with kids, go full-on colorful with these jars of dyed salt, which look so much like the sand art of our youth, we’re practically singing nursery-school songs. For a more grown-up, sophisticated feel that looks great on bathroom or kitchen counters or even mantles, use jars with a unique shape and focus on a three-color palette that includes a generous dose of white.

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Julie Blanner January 30, 2016 at 3:59 pm

Thanks for including my sugar scrub!

Fresh American February 12, 2016 at 7:44 am

We love your creative projects, Julie!


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