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Easy DIY Gardening Projects for When You Don’t Have a Garden

We look forward to summer for a whole bunch of reasons, but one of our favorites is the opportunity to do a little outdoor therapy in the garden. So what to do if you love plants but don’t have a yard, let alone a garden within a yard? We’ve rounded up five of our favorite DIY garden projects that require just a few feet of space—perfect for beside the front or back door, an apartment balcony, a mini patio, or even a walkway.


DIY Herb Garden Veggie Patch from Olivia Jenkins

Olivia Jenkins vertical Pallet Garden


What is it about vertical gardening that gets us so jazzed? Is it the space-saving ability to grow herbs, veggies, and flowers without the need for dozens of raised beds? The eco-friendly recycling of a pallet that will probably go to waste otherwise? The ease of preparation, perhaps? The vintage-coolness factor? All of the above and more. This super-quick tutorial will have you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.


Make Your Own Water Garden




You don’t need a ton of acreage to create a tranquil water garden. This short video will help you put together your own Zen-loving mini water garden that will grow green and happy all the way into mid-fall. Better yet: you can pick up all of these DIY garden supplies at most home-improvement stores, then stop by a local nursery for and armful of water-loving plants.


Easy Succulent Container Garden

How to make a succulent container garden


No less an authority than Eric Ruquist, head gardener to interior design legend and gardening uber-aficionado Bunny Williams, walked us through this simple how-to for creating a succulent container garden with major visual pop. Steal her look in five easy steps, and get ready for the oohs and aahs from visitors.


Recycled Garden Dresser from 1001 Gardens

Recycled garden dresser 1001 Gardens


Variations on this gardening DIY, featuring a container garden in a repurposed dresser, have been kicking around for a while, but we do love a good upcycling project. We recommend removing the drawers and lining the bottoms and sides with landscaping cloth, and loosely stapling it in place to accommodate rainfall or watering. Be sure to use potting soil—not garden soil—for this project, for best drainage, and choose your plants based on whether you’ll set the dresser in full sun or shade. Pull out the drawers to different depths, and plant a mix of short, tall, and trailing flowers. Pack them in tightly for a slightly wild, I-just-threw-this-together vintage look. And, for the record, we’d stick just a single medium-size pot or a few small decorative objects on top, to avoid an overstyled look.


Easy Windowsill Garden

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.49.59 AM


If you’re really, really pressed for space but would love to bring a bit of the great outdoors to your favorite window or accent table, we’ve got the DIY for you: a chic, minimalist windowsill garden using nothing more than a few inexpensive vases, a couple handfuls of gravel, and some air plants.

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