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We’re all in for being original. But sometimes, the best way to show individuality is by recombining classics in new ways. Case in point: the white button-down shirt, a fashion icon thanks to larger-than-life figures like Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Stone, Carolina Herrera, and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

We love a crisp, tailored shirt’s ability to project authority while still maintaining a feminine, pretty appeal, and we’re beyond thrilled by the ginormous array of choices, from traditional sateen to easy-care stretch, from boyfriend cuts to perfectly tailored silhouettes by bra size. Oh, and it goes with anything. Literally. Just try to think of a separate you can’t pair it with. When it comes to the white button-down, the rules are easy:

  • Fit comes first. It should look polished and tailored rather than loose and boxy.
  • Keep it simple. A few tone-on-tone embellishments are fine, but to get the most mileage out of your shirt, avoid oversized bows, rosettes, appliques, and other doodads.
  • Make sure the fabric works for your lifestyle. Chasing toddlers or catering luncheons for 100? Go for stretch blends and knits. Giving a presentation at the office or having a new head shot taken? Stick with structured wovens.

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