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Dogue: Wild Things


And now a word from Dash, spokesdog of Dash & Albert Rug Company:

Humans often say to me, “Dash, you’re so busy! How can you and your doggy dream team keep your paws on the pulse of so many design trends?” The answer is simple: we love all things fresh, fabulous, and fashionable, and we especially love sharing our favorite finds with all of you. Oh, and we make pretty amazing models, if we do say so ourselves.

For this installment of our canine couture feature Dogue, my pals Daisy and Emmet are sporting another of this season’s big trends: animal prints. We happen to think that these prints look awfully snazzy on us four-footers, what with our fair complexions and natural affinity for all things furry, but we think you can get the look just as easily by adding a printed scarf, hat, bag, or shoes to your favorite ensemble.

Inspired, aren’t you? You’re welcome, human friends.


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