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DIY Yoga Studio: How to set up a tranquil place to practice at home

Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, there’s something so empowering about knowing that you can practice at home – especially when you can’t make it to a class.

Keep it simple.

We love a shrine styled with rose quartz and singing bowls as much as anyone, but those accoutrements aren’t necessary to practice yoga. All you really need is to roll out a mat. (Annie’s limited-edition yoga mats are made with a non-toxic and odorless natural rubber.)

Find an instructor you love

Not all online yoga instructors are created equally – trust us, we’ve done the research. Some are super-flaky; some come across as self-obsessed and, truth be told, some have such weird décor in the background it’s distracting. The winners? Kanta Barios and Lindsey Samper are two terrific teachers that offer on-demand classes for beginners via Amazon Prime. 

Go toward the light

If possible, choose to practice in a room that offers a reliable and healthy dose of sunshine, or at least one that features a window with a clear view of trees, or the sky. Placing your mat in front of a window will put you in even closer touch with nature.

Unplug—in every way

It’s not enough to just turn off your cell before you start—beeps and whistles from your tablet, laptop, or smartwatch could still interrupt your flow. You might even get a robocall on your landline! Really and truly disconnecting—taking two minutes to power down  everything before you begin—will result in a much more refreshing, restorative session. 

Set the mood

Unless you’re a true beginner who needs to hear every single prompt, consider lowering the volume and filling the room with calming ambient or white noise. There are free apps that offer a slew of aural options—we like White Noise Lite—as well as Spotify and Apple Music playlists specially curated for yoga. 

Add a touch of aromatherapy   

Indeed, your home studio (or the yoga corner you’ve carved out of your living room or bedroom) can be plenty effective even without an altar. That said, lighting a subtly-scented candle is a simple way to make the space feel special—and for you to feel transported. We love this one and this one, too.

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