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Designers On…How to Decorate with Mirrors

Getting reflective on one of the most beautiful and versatile items for creating more space, light, and sparkle in a space.

“I thought mirrors would be a good way to add some interest to the wall to the kitchen. The mirrors also trick your eye to not understand that there’s a pass-through window on that wall. (It’s a dated thing, but it’s very functional.)” The majority of these mirrors were less than $20 and all were thrifted.
Gwen Hefner, The Makerista @themakerista

 “Positioning a mirror opposite a window is almost like creating a second window in a space. I can’t say that it works every time, but I always look for an opportunity to reflect the natural light using a mirror because it makes the space instantly feel much bigger. “
– Erin Fetherston, Erin Fetherston

“I like to think about what it’s reflecting. One of my favorite things to do is to place sculptural art, like a bronze figure, or fresh flowers in a beautiful vase in front of a mirror. You get different angles of the art and the flowers will feel twice as abundant.”
Bonnie Wilson of Gild & Co. @gildandco

“We often spec mirrors for front foyers —they’re practical because our clients can take a quick look before heading out the door, but they also help to bounce light around the smaller space. 
Our tip for selecting the perfect sized mirror? Take the length of your console table and subtract about 18” (for smaller tables) 36” (for longer tables) leaving 9-18” clear on either side of the mirror. When in doubt, oversized is better!”
– Tiffany Leigh, Tiffany Leigh Design @tiffanyleighdesign

“Placing oversized mirrors behind a sofa, leaning against a wall or hanging over a console table will create a sense of more space by reflecting images around the room. When striving for symmetry in a space, mirrors can also be beneficial. If you have a window on one side of the wall, but not the other, you can add an exact replica of the window by using mirrors for the window panes. Add draperies and it will look like two windows making the room symmetrical.”
Hayley Hedrick, Hayley Hedrick Design  @hayleyhedrickdesign

We often decorate with mirrors to not only bounce light around the room (like you see in the image) but also to add scale and texture. We use mirrors for layering and as an alternate to art too!”
Karleen deVilla-Mohr of Inside Stories by Duet Design Group @insidestoriesbyddg

“I love mirrors. I have a whole stack of them that I’m not using—yet—in my garage. This room doesn’t get a ton of light, so I wanted to bring an element to help reflect some light and make the room feel a little bit bigger. I always like to have something above the bed, and a mirror is a great choice if you’re trying to make a room feel larger.” 
– Sam Cram, Sam Cram Design 

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