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Designers on… What They Collect & Why

Tastemakers share the prized items they seek out at auction, antiques stores, and more

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“I find that mixing exciting contemporary art with antiques and modern furniture creates a room that will stand the test of time. A beautiful room should be a mix of old and new, and modern and traditional, and hard and soft, and high and low. There’s definitely a need for the past and the present.”
– Bunny Williams, Bunny Williams Interior Design

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“I bought two things at auction in Hudson, New York that are so beautiful, and I paid less than I would have to pay at Restoration Hardware for brand new furniture. This was for a young client, and we’re putting this piece of antique furniture with a big modern painting over it, and Lucite lamps, and it looks fantastic. I’m like, ‘This is what people should be doing.’”  
– Bunny Williams, Bunny Williams Interior Design

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“Blue and white offer the ideal backdrop for items in neutral colors, such as baskets, wood boxes, rattan chairs, and natural-fiber rugs.”
– Mark D. Sikes, Mark D. Sikes

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“Dishes and Kitchenware! I’ve literally never bought any of my kitchenware retail. It’s always vintage. One item that I am always on the hunt for are these plates with landscapes and animals on them. Another is my Lucite flatware. I first found these 6 or 7 years ago at the flea market.”
– Faith Blakeney, Faith Blakeney

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“Steven Drucker, my spirit guide, introduced me to an astrophysicist who sources and collects vintage Brown Jordan furniture that you can have powder-coated any color. My pattern is Brown Jordan’s Calcutta – the same one used at the White House. I love it – and it will last forever. 
– Annie Selke, The Annie Selke Companies 

“Milk glass. I started collecting years ago in preparation for my wedding to use as a table centerpiece. Initially, I thought I was going to sell it all afterward but loved it too much. I used to wander around when I went to antique stores and have no idea what I was doing. Collecting gave me purpose and gave me something to learn about.”
– Killy Scheer, Scheer & Co. Interior Design

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“I love my vintage lettuce ware. The green color makes food look amazing, especially veggie trays. I love the sculptural quality of the pottery and that it brings texture to the table.”
Margaret Shutze, Shutze Studio  

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“Art! It brings so much personality and joy to a room. We conveniently work right across the street from Soco Gallery in Charlotte, so I’ve always got my eyes peeled :).”
– Charlotte Lucas, Charlotte Lucas Interior Design 

“I am a big collector of Ronnie Nicole’s intaglios. She has such a passion for her craft. They can be framed, displayed on tables, hung solo or in groups, and come in a beautiful palette of soft pinks, blues, whites, taupes, and, of course, black and white.”
Nancy Boland, Boland Lord Design

“I don’t have any intentional collections, but definitely seem to have built a library of art & design books. I love using coffee table books in many ways, and am a sucker for a beautiful design book. I love going into vintage book stores and perusing their collections for hours. I also seem to have a thing for faces and heads – whether it’s busts, portrait artwork, or decorative objects in the theme.” 
Shelby Girard, VP of Creative & Design at Havenly

Photo By : Emily Followill, Emily Followill Photography

“Small international finds. Something that brings me back to a memory. I love a well lived, curated look, and vintage art is a favorite.” 
– Ashley Gilbreath, Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

“I collect plants, wicker baskets, vinyl records, pictures, and art.  I have various vintage oddities and handcrafted wood furniture pieces. I think every space needs something that is unique and can’t be mass purchased. Wicker, wood and other natural fibres warm a room and make it feel like home.” –Rebekah Higgs, DIY Mom

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