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Designers on How to bring the outdoors inside

Breathe life into any room with the unimprovable beauty of nature.

“Texture –raffia and rattan – and colors like blues and greens can give your house vacation vibes even if you’re miles from the ocean. A wall of woven hats also screams beach.”
–Chassity Evans, Look Linger Love

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“Jute’s irregular, chunky, natural texture adds an island feel and flair to your floor.  But if you’re looking for a weather-friendly option, we recommend a jute look alike – Veranda, Pebble, and Sonoma are all made from weather-friendly PET.”
–Annie Selke, The Annie Selke Companies

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My go-to is always fresh flowers, but I also have subtle nods to travelling with my love of shells, which you can find in every corner of my apartment!
–Autumn Hachey, Autumn Hachey

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“The Mesa Modern House sits at the foot of the San Jacinto Mountains, and the base stone of the mountains is black. So in the living room, I started with a sleek, modern black and then layered in other beautiful earthy colors, through the ochre sofa and ivory Moroccan-style rug.”
–Michelle Boudreau, Michelle Boudreau Design

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“I love natural textures and fibers—these things add a sense of bringing the outdoors in. I find the rattan, natural fiber rugs, and a few real plants make people feel grounded and more comfortable in a room.”
–Rebekah Higgs, DIY Mom

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“Take hues from your surroundings. If you see the color of the ocean and then look at the colors of the fish, they’re the same.”
–Eddie Lee, Eddie Lee Inc

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“This house has tremendous views from sunrise to sunset, and the colors outside are really quite magical.  So I pulled in some blush colors as well as some topaz to convey the lushness and warmth of the sunset.”
–Michelle Boudreau, Michelle Boudreau Design

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“The higher you can hang your curtains the better: Ours are hung at 108-inches. We could have done something shorter, but I think when you hang high and wide, it gives the illusion of a larger window.”
–Shira Caplan, Shira Bess Interiors

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Grasscloth adds a layer of interest and depth to the space without pulling focus from the beautiful bedding.”
–Denise Enright, Denise Enright Design

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Photo by Ashton Ray Hansen

“I love my vintage lettuce ware. The green color makes food look amazing, especially veggie trays. I love the sculptural quality of the pottery and that it brings texture to the table.”
–Margaret Shutze, Shutze Studio 

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“In my clients’ living room in La Quinta, California we used the Dash & Albert Cocchi woven rug because it looks similar to a seagrass rug, but has a lovely, soft texture, which was perfect for this room that opens up onto the poolside patio when the wall of sliding doors is opened.”
—Interior designer Anna Hackathorn

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