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Designers on…advice for love-forever rooms

No-regrets decorating tips from the pros.

“Every room should have a surprise – something that doesn’t match. It could be a pop of color, contemporary art, a painted finish, or a character chair.”
–Bunny Williams, Bunny Williams Interior Design

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“Start with an item you love and build around it. I think the mistake most people make is taking a cookie-cutter approach. So when I’m decorating a room, I always try to start with something personal, something unique to the client or a design element that’s site-specific. I’ll choose one item, whether it’s a material I love, or a wallpaper, or lighting, and I’ll build on that to create a story. Throwing the rules out helps create a more interesting space.”
–Michelle Boudreau, Michelle Boudreau Design

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“At the end of the day, it all goes back to my firm belief that if you live with beauty, happiness follows.”
–Mark D. Sikes, Mark D. Sikes

“Going bold doesn’t have to mean going crazy. Layering blues and textures with warm leathers made for a sophisticated punch in this sitting room!”
Connie Vernich, Vernich Interiors

Photo by: @alyssarosenheck

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Grasscloth wallpaper is a decorator’s secret weapon to take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. I used it in my favorite color – robin’s egg blue – in this bedroom at 33 Main, my luxury lodging destination in the Berkshires.”
–Annie Selke, The Annie Selke Companies

“The way that you approach a modern loft is different than the way you approach an historic 1920s LA bungalow, but no matter what the space is, I always want it to feel bigger and brighter than when I first walked in.
It’s not a daring, bold move, but white paint always works, and if you paint a room white, it’s going to instantly feel bigger and brighter, in my opinion.”  
–Erin Fetherston, Erin Fetherston

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“Pattern is also key, whether it is my beloved stripes, or a hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper.”
–Mark D. Sikes, Mark D. Sikes

If you’re trying to create something delicious, you need elements of sweet, salty, crunchy, and soft. Likewise, every room needs soft and hard surfaces, patterns and solids, and lights and dark colors. The same way you don’t want to just have all soft food — which would be unpalatable – a space full of hard, modern straight-lined furniture might feel cold and static, and a room full of really soft furniture won’t have any edge. Finding that balance makes the space feel like it’s been designed.”
–Rebekah Higgs, DIY Mom

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Natural fibers are always a smart choice. I use linen for drapery, bedding, and accent pillows because it’s sophisticated and casual at the same time. I love wool rugs because they are sturdy, yet soft and organic.”
–Denise Enright, Denise Enright Design

Every room needs a star. Even a calming bedroom or a tiny guest bath needs its moment. You need to look for a showstopper for every room—sometimes it’s wallpaper, other times it’s a rug or a piece of art.”
–Rachel Shingelton, Pencil Shavings Studio

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Suanne Roush February 18, 2021 at 9:56 pm

what is the brand and color of the blue velvet ottoman in the one picture?

Fresh American Style by Annie Selke March 22, 2021 at 11:33 am

Hi Susanne! Though we don’t sell that exact ottoman (you can search for it here), you can find other options on our site here: https://annieselke.com/c/ottomans-benches


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