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Decorating with Pinecones

Gorgeous, natural, and (usually) free! Make the most of Mother Nature’s bounty in your seasonal tableaux.

The Wonder Wall

Just for a month, swap out the art you may have grown numb to with a seasonal wreath to wake up your senses.

The Instant Sculpture

If you’re lucky enough to encounter pinecones still attached to their branches, show off their twisty, turny, gravity-defying forms by propping them up in a vase.

The World’s Simplest Tablescape

Arrange a few pinecones in a shallow bowl or spirited vase for an artful arrangement that lasts. Add ornaments and greenery for extra interest.

The Well-Styled Stack

Placing sweet little pinecones atop a stack of books takes a scene from ordinary to inspired. We did it here on an ottoman bench, but you can try this unexpectedly charming technique on bookshelves and bedside tables, too.

The Handsome Headboard

Seasonal decorating in the bedroom has a way of bringing joy to every day. Store-bought or DIY, a pinecone garland draped over a headboard is a little gesture that has a big impact.

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