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Decorating with Grey: The Right-Now Neutral

We’re known for our passion for color (we care about hue is the motto around our Berkshire HQ), but lately we’ve been having a thing for grey.


Why? It’s a neutral that hits that rare sweet spot: It’s modern and timeless—so you won’t tire of it soon. And it allows other neutrals in the room to pop.

When decorating with grey, keep in mind that it can read warm or cool or green or blue, so it’s important to be aware of that when making your bedding or paint choices. If there is enough of a difference between the shade and the hue, use them together. But if differently-hued greys are too similar in shade, they won’t work together well.

Here are some beautifully balanced grey rooms:








And some of our favorite grey paint hues:


Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Don’t be afraid to go a little grey this fall. Let us know how you use it in your decorating in the comments!

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Becky February 18, 2017 at 9:28 pm

My all over color in my home is f&b Ammonite. I love it! It isn’t too warm or too cool and blends so well. I painted my 1/2 bath and dining room f&b Moles breath and have received so many complements on both colors. f&b have the best colors!


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