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Come on, Baby, Light My Foyer

We spend so much time decorating main rooms like the living room, bedroom, and kitchen that we sometimes forget to spread the love to lesser-used spaces. One of these is the entryway or foyer; everyone has one, but we tend to forget it exists because we sneak in through the back door or garage door every day. But the entryway is a great place to make an initial impression with décor and accessories that have visual punch, so today we’re taking a look at one of the easiest ways to create drama in the foyer: by adding lighting.


While you could install several wall sconces to light your entryway, we prefer the attention-grabbing effect of ceiling lighting—whether flush-mount, pendant, or chandelier. Here’s how to pick the perfect lighting for your foyer:


1. Measure the height of your ceiling. If you have a high ceiling, you’re in luck. Go for full-on drama with an extra-tall or dangling pendant. If your foyer is on the petite side, look for an eye-catching flush-mount fixture or a small, delicate chandelier, with crystals to reflect light, for vintage flair.


Lole 2 Light Suspension PendantLucia 6-light Chandelier


2. Consider the width of the space. Skinny spaces call for a single flush-mount, pendant, or chandelier, but a wide entryway can easily overwhelm these lights. Instead, try an arrangement of three pendants or a single drum pendant with an oversized shade to balance out the ceiling space.


Sunburst Light Fixture Graypants Drum Scraplight


3. Look for interesting shapes. Teardrops, quatrefoils, branched chandeliers, starbursts, and tiered drums—all add visual interest and personality to a foyer. The Sputnik lamp, a Midcentury favorite, is a classic choice for tall ceiling and over stairs, where it draws the eye upward and contrasts with more traditional architectural elements like carved moldings.


Regina Andrew Pattern Makers Pendant Lights


4. Get elemental. We love the look of a metallic lighting fixture, and there are so many amazing nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, and copper lamps to choose from that can always find a style that fits with our home decorating. But if your foyer color palette could read a bit cold with metallics in the mix, opt for wood of any finish, or a drum pendant with woven or fabric shade. This is also one of the easiest ways to incorporate color in your lighting.


Zenza Princess Fan Pendant Lamp


Sergei Suspension sputnik chandelier


5. Make sure the fixture you choose has enough bulbs and wattage to actually be useful. There’s nothing worse than stumbling down a poorly lit hallway or opening the front door onto a dark void beyond, so check the specs of your chosen fixture before you buy. If it requires only one 45W bulb, you’re better off leaving it on the shelf and looking for something else.


JT Home Furnishings Cascading Leaves 6 Light Champagne Chandelier

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