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Colorful Desk Accessories That Will Make You Happy to Go to Work

Not many people have the luxury of working in decked-out offices that are as pretty and inspiring to look at as they are places to get down to brass tacks on big projects. But we all know that surrounding yourself with things you love and enjoy looking at are important to comfort and even to productivity, so why not get a little snazzy? Whether you’re creating a customized look for your dorm room, home office, or even a cubicle in an office, we’ve rounded up some great desk accessories that you’ll look forward to using every day.


Fortunately, there are no shortage of brick-and-mortar and online stores where you can pick up cute, colorful, whimsical desktop accessories that will make the day just a little bit sweeter. Don’t forget to check out indie designers, like two of our favorites, Jenean Morrison of Jenean Morrison Art & Design and Rachel Shingleton of Pencil Shavings Studio, who create some of the happy-go-luckiest, most inspirational paper and office products that have ever perked up our desks.


You can also think outside the confines of how a product is packaged. For instance, we would use this neat little spice carousel as a storage unit for small, mess-making items like paper clips, binder clips, extra staples, rubber bands, and mini Post-it notes. And this ever-popular Senegalese knitting basket? Perfect for corralling letters, notecards and labels, pens and pencils, or frequent-use tools you need to keep close at hand, like staplers, tape dispensers, and letter openers.


Take a peek at a few of our current favorite—and fun—desk accessories.


1. Hand-Painted Desk Tray

2. Caterpillar Bud Vase

3. Doctor It Up Highlighter Set

4. Swingline Tot Mini Stapler

5. Reinforced Top Tab File Folders

6. Jenean Morrison Ideas Notebooks

7. USB Tulip Hub

8. Coral Magazine File

9. Two-Ring Binder

10. Sushi Memo Blocks

11. Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel

12. Senegalese Aqua Knitting Basket

13. Pencil Shavings Studio Neapolitan iPhone/Samsung Galaxy Case

14. Bisgo Kate Stockholm Stacking Letter Tray













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