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If you’re like us, you can spend hours tooling around the hardware store, thinking of new ways to use everyday objects. Hook latches repurposed as tote-bag closures? Copper pipe fittings polished up and used as napkin rings? Brightly colored mini clamps strung on picture-frame wire and used to hold an arrangement of photos? Check, check, and check.

On our latest trip to the hardware store—the awesomely cool, lose-yourself-for-an afternoon A. W. Baldwin & Co. in West Stockbridge, MA, which has been in business for 140 years—we found these multipurpose clips. With their nautical character and smooth brass finish, we think they make terrific Happy Preppy curtain tie-backs. Attach each end of a short length of thin white cotton rope to the clip’s end and to a brass O ring, gather around your curtain, and voilà—a chic, creative, and cost-effective way to dress your windows.

A. W. Baldwin & Co
2 Center Street, West Stockbridge, MA

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