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Chic & Simple Barn Party at Stonover Farm

One of our favorite times of the year is when our sales reps from the incomparable CODARUS come to visit, take a spin around our office, and get to know all the fun new home décor products we’ve got up our sleeves for upcoming seasons. This year, to celebrate our partnership and all the incredible work these people do, day in and day out, Annie hosted a barn party at Stonover Farm, a certified-by-us treasure of the Berkshires. The results were simply chic and utterly stunning.


Stonover, located in Lenox, one of the Berkshire’s historic and most scenic towns, is located on 10 beautifully manicured acres, and has a gorgeous old hay barn that’s been the site of many a wedding.


Stonover Lenox 1

Stonover Lenox 2


To transform it for Annie’s party, the staff hung swooping strands of mini globe lights from the expansive ceilings, and switched on the fisherman-style lanterns attached to the posts. Because the barn gets tons of natural light from the windows and big double doors on the back side, this was the perfect approach for a late-spring evening, when the sunsets are too exquisite not to inspire gawking.


Stonover Lenox barn party 5a


Keeping with the clean yet rustic theme, Annie and her styling team draped the tables in white tablecloths, over which they tossed burlap toppers. They added simple, nautical-striped napkins in denim and white, and heavyweight, polished silverware and crystal-clear stemmed water glasses. For centerpieces, they went with simple arrangements of pale and deep pink peonies, fuchsia roses, and greenery (check back tomorrow for the flower arranging how-to), also in clear glass containers. This helped keep the look light and airy.


Stonover Lenox barn party 3

Stonover Lenox barn party 4


Then Annie kicked off the festivities by getting behind the bar and practicing her wine-pouring and mixology skills.


Stonover Lenox barn party 5


Food by the ridiculously talented Kate Baldwin was served. . . .


Stonover Lenox barn party 6


And then the party ramped into high gear. Here are a few of our favorite moments.


Stonover Lenox barn party 7

Megan Osborne, Justin Gay, Cassie J. Hawks, and Ryan McWilliams

Stonover Lenox barn party 8

David Bugby and Charley Boring

Stonover Lenox barn party 9

Tamra Everson, CODARUS owner Cody Ables, and Carla Ingram

Stonover Lenox barn party 11

Pat Christie, Theresa Deniz, and Jaclyn Jiminez

Stonover Lenox barn party 10

Annie Selke Companies CEO Bob White, Annie, and Cody Ables

Stonover Lenox barn party 12

Elizabeth Maricich

Stonover Lenox barn party 13

The entire CODARUS family. We’re so lucky to have you!

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