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Change Up the Entire Look of Your Room in a Snap

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Having been in the design biz for 30-plus years, Annie has learned more than her fair share of decorating shortcuts. So she always has an answer at the ready when she hears the commonly asked question “I’m short on time and budget. What’s the fastest, most inexpensive way for me to switch up the look of a room?”


Without question, the easiest change you can make is adding a bright area rug to a room. It’s the most bang for your interior design buck in a few ways:


  • It instantly brings energy and vitality to a space, and will make your furniture pop against it—in only the time it takes to push the furniture aside, roll out the rug, and put the furniture back.
  • It’s one piece, so you don’t have to fuss with trying different arrangements around the room, as you would with throw pillows or decorative accessories like vases and bowls.
  • If you opt for a wallet-friendly version, like a woven cotton rug or an indoor/outdoor rug, you can accomplish a pretty sweet switch-up for hundreds of dollars less than buying new furniture, or, in many cases, even large accessories like curtains.


We’re especially smitten with this artsy new cotton rug. With its dazzling colors and sophisticated, abstract sketchlike pattern, it adds a hint of print that really makes a space sing.


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But any bright area rug will give you the same effect, so whether your style is boho, preppytraditionally elegant, or somewhere in between, there’s a floor-décor update just waiting to happen.

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