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Chakra It to Me: Yellow

For years, we’ve heard the myth that yellow is a “nervous” or “dangerous” color that reminds people of traffic lights and hazard signs, that you shouldn’t use it as a main color in decorating, and that you most definitely shouldn’t wear it to a job interview. To which we say, Poppycock (which is also kind of yellow, come to think of it)! Yellow, at least in the language of the chakras, is associated with the mental power, and suggests optimism and cheerfulness. Why wouldn’t we want to load up on something so stimulating and smile-inducing?

Yellow is linked with the third chakra, located at the solar plexus, the center of intellect and self-worth. It’s said to be a creative color that encourages the positive use of personal power, the ability to manifest goals, the ability to perceive and understand, and the way we feel about ourselves. In many cultures, yellow is considered a symbol of wisdom and clarity, and carrying or wearing yellow gemstones is thought to inspire eloquence. And let’s not forget this color as a symbol of hope—tie-a-yellow-ribbon style.

We love yellow for all these reasons, and for a few more: It’s pretty. It’s perky. And it’s surprisingly versatile. Contrast it with indigo or gray for a sophisticated look, go coastal by pairing it with aqua or seafoam, give it a tropical twist with bright pink or tangerine, or let it do the talking against a clean white backdrop. Just don’t be afraid to try it; we guarantee you’ll find a shade that speaks to you. Check out Annie’s top yellow picks for the season.


  1. BHS  Bright Bazaar blog
  2. Pine Cone Hill Sheepy Fleece Daffodil robe
  3. Pine Cone Hill Chevron Daffodil napkin
  4. Fresh American 
  5. Yellow tile stairs Isabel Perdomo blog
  6. Dash & Albert Rug Company Happy Yellow Stripe Indoor/Outdoor rug
  7. All Modern Tradition Topan Pendant
  8. Dash & Albert Rug Company Mums Stripe tote bag
  9. Mia Blanche bowls
  10. Pine Cone Hill Candy Stripe Daffodil placemat




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