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Chakra It to Me: Red

If there’s one rule in fashion, it’s that you can’t hide in red. We like to think this also applies to decorating—after all, adding a piece of red furniture, fabric, or art to a room naturally attracts attention. And if you can combine that sensibility with something that benefits your health and mood, well, count us in.

On a winter trip to the Southwest, Annie came across the fun Pocket Guide to the Chakras by Joy Gardner-Gordon, and ever since, we’ve all been shopping for colors to complement these energy centers of the body. The First Chakra, says Gardner-Gordon, is the center of physical energy and vitality, so it’s no surprise that red, in chakra-speak, is good for boosting energy, blood circulation, enthusiasm, and self-confidence. Because of these qualities, it’s also considered a “treatment” for depression, fear, lack of energy, and poor circulation—all of which seem to creep up on us at this transitional time of year.

In many ancient traditions, red is also considered a color of passion, love, courage, remembrance, and fire. In feng shui, it helps to draw positive energy—hence the practice of painting a house’s front door red. We love the variety of natural and manmade red inspirations, from a swooping cardinal to a bowl of ripe strawberries and an Indian bridal gown. Here are just a few ways you can incorporate this color—an all it symbolizes—into your design.



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