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Chakra It to Me: Orange

Sunset. A glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. A monarch butterfly winging on the breeze. A bed of blooming orange dahlias. A gently swaying coral reef. We can think of dozens of bright, extraordinarily beautiful items that have one thing in common: their brilliant, flamelike hue.

Orange is a powerful color, and it turns out that it also has a powerful effect on the psyche. When most people think of orange, the automatically conjure up sensory images of the warmth of the sun and the hues of fall, making orange one of the happiest, most energetic, and most invigorating colors. According to Joy Gardner-Gordon in the Pocket Guide to the Chakras (we are loving this book; check out our first post on the color red), orange is linked to the second chakra, the center of creativity, emotions, intuition, and, yep, sexuality. It’s also considered a healing color in crystal therapy that stimulates enthusiasm and creativity.

Orange is a “sociable” color that combines both red and yellow, so it’s a great choice for social spaces like living rooms and family rooms. We often pair it with complementary hues like red, but we especially love to pop it against contrasting colors like turquoise and violet. Get started on your orange décor shopping with these festive picks from Annie.


  1. Jonathan Adler Small Okura Kidney Table
  2. Dash & Albert Fair Isle Paprika/Curry Cotton Woven Rug
  3. Bangkok Buddhist monks
  4. Armed and Stylish Outdoor Chair 
  5. Gollgeez blog
  6. Pine Cone Hill Candlewick Paprika throw
  7. Pine Cone Hill Sheepy Fleece robe 
  8. Fresh American Floral Crewel Indoor/Outdoor pillow


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