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Chakra It to Me: Blue

Chakra blue! Our color therapy journey has brought us to the fifth chakra, the center of communication. It’s associated with blue, which is considered an antidote to “red” conditions like inflammation, irritation, nervousness, high blood pressure, and fever. In fact, blue is thought to have cooling, relaxing properties that make it ideal for enhancing a feeling of centeredness and contentedness, and the ability to live in the present. It’s also helpful for public speaking . . . except in the case of someone who’s arrogant, dogmatic, or self-righteous, in which case it may make them talk too much. Hmmm . . . maybe that’s why so many politicians seem to favor blue ties. . . .

In color symbolism, blue is often associated with water—the source of life—and purity. One of the most beloved colors in the world (more than 50 percent of people, especially men and boys, pick it as their fave), blue is almost universal in its representation of freedom, strength, new beginnings, loyalty and power. Just think of how many national flags feature this color!

We love blue for all these reasons, and for its natural affinity for other hues. It’s a classic and sophisticated accompaniment to green, red, and any neutral, and it gets a peppy lift from “hot” contrasting colors like orange and yellow. Pair it with fuchsia or orchid for a fresh spring/summer pop, or layer different shades of blue for a look that’s as easy as a coastal breeze. Scroll down as Annie clues us in on her top blue product picks:



  1. Beach sunset
  2. Blue flowers 
  3. Paris: photographer unknown
  4. Pine Cone Hill Veena Blue duvet
  5. Dash & Albert Ikat Chenille rug
  6. Pine Cone Hill Ibiza French Blue throw
  7. Pine Cone Hill Rockland scarf
  8. Fresh American Trimaran Denim/Ivory pouf
  9. Pine Cone Hill Savannah Linen Chambray French Blue pillow
  10. Pine Cone Hill Sheepy Fleece Twilight robe 
  11. Pine Cone Hill French Knot pillow 


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Barbara Davis April 4, 2013 at 9:01 pm

Love the colors and the throw sends out happy vibes!


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