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Call in sick! 5 ways to refresh your mind and spirit – from bed.

Feeling like you need some next-level rest? Here’s how to make the most of a long, luxurious day in bed.  

Film Festival: Slip under your comforter, prop up on your pillows, and cue up a satisfying movie or two. We love being transported into the luxe interiors of Nancy Meyers classics like Something’s Gotta Give and The Holiday or the Edwardian romance of Merchant Ivory’s Howard’s End.

Bonus: Screening a film you’ve seen before means you can zone out for a stretch without losing the plot.

Page-turner: If you’re more inclined to escape into a book than a movie, dive into a riveting read from Agatha Christie, P.D. James, or John le Carré 

Power down: Few things feel more indulgent than a midday snooze. Close the curtains, slip on a silk sleep mask, and nod off. Or just stream some ambient sounds and savor the weekday stillness.

@shaunaglenn captures the fantasy perfectly. 

Eat clean: Taking the time to make yourself a beautiful meal—a fresh caprese salad or a pot of soup—can turn lunch into a mindful moment. Not feeling the kitchen? Order delivery from a special occasion sort of place.

Water feature: Taking a bath is an essential part of self-care. (Annie swears by her nightly bath ritual.) So light some candles and treat yourself to a long soak. Add some earthy bath salts for extra dose of “aaaaahh.”

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