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In her 40-plus-year career, Bunny Williams has become one of America’s preeminent designers, known for spaces that are classic, livable, and thoughtfully eclectic. Having started with the iconic Parish-Hadley in the 1960s and branched out on her own in 1988, she has hit on a non-formulaic formula of decorating that mixes antiques and modern pieces, high-end custom décor and flea market finds in a way that seems comfortably cluttered and worldly, but never pretentious.

To put it simply, as Annie often does, Bunny Williams is a rock star.

Which is why we we’re smitten with Bunny’s own Connecticut home, a study in how to make the rustic and the regal play nice-nice together. From the antique rugs and fabrics to the perfectly placed mirrors, the mismatched lamps, the subtly echoed shapes, and the crazy-cool mishmash of decorative objects (horned game heads, giant seashell sculptures, glass hurricane lamps, English china, and a profusion of plants, anyone?), we’re happy just to sit back and take it all in.

Don’t forget to hop over for a look at Bunny’s Beeline Home line of accessories, furniture, upholstery, and more, or her garden paradise shop, Treillage, which now sells online.

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sheila November 14, 2012 at 4:58 pm

I enjoy your blog, but couldnt get the subscribe button to work

Fresh American November 16, 2012 at 11:43 am

Thanks for visiting, Sheila! We’re happy you’re enjoying it. To subscribe, scroll down to the “subscribe” box in the right sidebar (under the blog categories), enter your e-mail address, and hit Enter. This will bring up a pop-up window where you can verify your subscription. 🙂


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