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Bringing the Outdoors In: My Obsession with Bark House

When I moved into my home in 2012, I was searching for creative ways to add distinct personality throughout the space, inside and out. With the beauty of the Berkshires surrounding my property I knew I wanted to incorporate elements that would pay homage to the area.

The house boasted bright white paneling—a material and color I didn’t feel were the best choices visually.


Cue Bark House, a reclaimed bark siding and wall paneling company based in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. With a stunning selection of eco-friendly bark designs, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, I knew immediately that adding bark to my home’s exterior would achieve my desired aesthetic.

I chose the most gorgeous Poplar Bark Shingles that offer a gently weathered, natural look. Now, my home looks like it “belongs” in the space, nestled amongst the trees.



With a myriad of panel styles to choose from, Bark House makes it easy to incorporate a stylish, one-of-a-kind focal point inside your own home as well. Try adding bark to a wall in your living room or bedroom for an instant spruce-up (pun intended)!



Need more inspiration? Take a moment to swoon over these poplar bark installations by Bark House!

(Photos via Bark House)

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