Home Decorating Bring Warmth into Your Home with These Five Cozy Textures

Bring Warmth into Your Home with These Five Cozy Textures

Warm Up with These 5 Cozy Textures!

While we love transforming spaces on a broad scale with new paint, furniture and accessories, we are also huge fans of making little swaps that yield big impact on a space. Less work with big reward? Who wouldn’t be a fan? With these last few weeks of winter ahead of us, why not get extra cozy by incorporating one (or all) of these warmth-inducing textures into your home?



Thick and sumptuous wool accents, like rugs, add a huge amount of warmth to any space and are a total treat for the feet! Choose a wool rug in a bright hue or bold pattern for instant visual appeal.

Colorful wool rugs add instant visual appeal!

(From Top Left: Geodesic Wool Rug, Frida Hand Knotted Wool Rug, Tilda Hand Knotted Wool Rug, Merry Go Round Bright Micro Hooked Wool Rug)


Some of our neutral favorites include:

Neutral wool rugs- the ultimate treat for the feet.

(From Top Left: Masinissa Hand Knotted Rug, Kenzi Wool Woven Rug, Venus Hand Knotted Wool/Viscose Rug, Numa Hand Knotted Rug)


Wool isn’t just for the floor (or your favorite sweater)!  Snuggle up on the sofa or in bed, and warm up with a wool throw or comfy wool decorative pillow.  Five options we love:

Five of our favorite wool accessories!

(From Top Left: Chunky Knit Mist Throw, Coco Throw, Mara Throw, Jamboree Embroidered Pillow, Seville Grey Decorative Pillow)



Add a dose of warmth and luxury to any space by incorporating velvet accents. Some of our favorite velvet pieces include our Stellata Quilted Velvet Bed Runner and Pillow, Vienna Velvet Quilt, Cira Velvet Swanson Bench and our new Gloss Velvet Pillows from the Artisanal Collection!

Stellata Bed Runner and Pillow

Vienna Velvet Bedding

Cira Swanson Bench

Gloss Velvet Decorative Pillows from Annie Selke’s Artisanal Collection, Winter 2017.



Placing a knit blanket at the end of your bed or draping a knit throw over the arm of your sofa makes it easy to snuggle up for movie nights or provide that extra dose of warmth on chilly evenings.  Two favorites that we just can’t stop gushing about include the Remy Knit Blankets and Yarn Bomb Throws both from our Artisanal Collection. They’re beyond soft to the touch, have great texture, and come in a variety of soothing, nuanced colors to suit any decorating palette.

Remy Knit Blankets

Yarn Bomb Throws

Of course, we can’t forget about our tried and true (and ultra-soft) Cozy Knit Throws and Comfy Cable Knit Throws!

Cozy Knit Throws and Comfy Cable Knit Throws by Annie Selke



Sheepskin may just be the comfiest textile of all, no? Fluffy, lofty, snuggly and oh-so-soft, we couldn’t resist adding a collection of sheepskin décor items ourselves including sheepskin rugs, pillows and even a sheepskin nest!

Sheepskin decor from Annie Selke Home – Shop at annieselke.com

Although we may typically associate fluffy sheepskins with chilly winter months, sheepskin accents actually translate seamlessly from season to season! With spring right around the corner, consider adding a colorful sheepskin to your home for warmth and a touch of springtime color:

Colorful sheepskin accents perfect for spring!



Another easy-going textile, perfect for any season! In the summer, a linen throw or duvet adds a breathable layer to your bed and offers a cooling affect while providing just the right amount of warmth during winter months. Our best-selling Ines bedding couples a classic, colorful pattern with this easy-to-love natural textile. ­

Besides Ines, some of our favorite linen pieces include:

Laundered Linen Throws 

Laundered Linen Throws from Annie Selke’s Pine Cone Hill

Antigua Bedding

Eden Rock Bedding

Alanya Decorative Pillows

Did you know that we offer custom furniture in the Antigua, Ines and Alanya patterns as well?

Shop custom upholstered furniture at annieselke.com!



Explore our custom furniture here.


What are your favorite ways to add warmth to your home with décor? What are your favorite cozy textures for winter? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on social media! Follow us on Instagram here!






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