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Blue Crush: Why Blue Rugs Work Pretty Much Anywhere

If there’s one nitty-gritty task we love, it’s analyzing trends and fans’ reactions to new home decorating products. No matter the season, we’ve noticed one trend in area rugs: y’all adore blue. We do, too, so we decided to take a closer look at what makes blue rugs so perennially popular.

According to Annie, “Blue is a unisex color that everyone can agree on! Navy blue works as a neutral, because it’s a primary. Paired with white, it’s a traditional combination, but still a bold, crisp statement. Swedish blue, on the other hand, has more of a modern look, and it’s still easy to pair with a lot of accent colors.” And it doesn’t hurt that there are tons of blue area rugs—both solids and patterns—to choose from, meaning you can easily find exactly the hue, size, texture, and style to fit your décor.

Annie has rounded up some of her current favorite blue rugs right here. Love a blue rug you already have and need some inspiration for picking paint and accessory colors to complement it? Some of Annie’s top room-palette combos are:

  • Navy and orange, which have a chipper, preppy feel
  • Swedish blue and washed coral, a fresh, soft and serene modern combination
  • Indigo and bright yellow, which are uplifting
  • Blue on blue—think contrasts of dark and light, like navy with French blue, peacock with sky, or turquoise and faded denim—for a sophisticated, streamlined look

Dash & Albert blue indoor outdoor rugs

  1. Dash & Albert Mosi Indigo indoor/outdoor rug
  2. Dash & Albert Chevron Light Blue indoor/outdoor rug
  3. Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Jack indoor/outdoor rug
  4. Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Cleo Blue indoor/outdoor rug
  5. Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Clarence indoor/outdoor rug
  6.  Dash & Albert Denim Rag woven cotton rug
  7. Dash & Albert Catamaran Stripe Denim indoor/outdoor rug
  8. Dash & Albert Mali indoor/outdoor rug
  9. Dash & Albert Herringbone Swedish Blue woven cotton rug
  10. Dash & Albert Fair Isle French Blue woven cotton rug
  11. Dash & Albert Rope Denim indoor/outdoor rug
  12. Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Elizabeth indoor/outdoor rug
  13. Dash & Albert Samode Denim indoor/outdoor rug


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