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At this time of year, bringing the outdoors in is, well, a bit of a challenge—unless you don’t mind a house full of evergreens, a plethora of poinsettias, or vases brimming with the wilted remnants of your fall garden. Cheer up, prepsters. We’ve got the solution for the neutral territory outside your windows: amaryllis.

The amaryllis, a native of tropical South America, is one of the easiest-to-grow and longest-lasting flowering plants. It can be planted anywhere between October and the end of April, with blooms appearing—and flourishing for 7 to 10 weeks—from late December until late June. The amaryllis is a low-maintenance houseguest, requiring only a nutritious potting soil; a warm, sunny window; and occasional watering. Plants can even be encouraged to bloom again after their regular growth cycle has ended.

We love their jolly hues—from red, white, pink, and orange to striped and multicolored—and often plant bulbs at 2-week intervals throughout the winter for continuous, showy blooms. Check out these sources to find your perfect match.


Jackson and Perkins

Willow Creek Gardens

White Flower Farm




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Ervin Hartsock October 31, 2012 at 8:56 pm

After i retire my dream is to go to Hawaii and live out the rest of my life. We went there on our 25th wedding aniversary and it was fabulous.


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