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As textile-decorating techniques go, block printing is older-than-oldie, dating to ancient Egypt and Asia. It’s a distinctive touch, especially for the kitchen, where a printed tea towel adds a bit of pizzazz to a space that, unless you’re well-off or supremely handy with power tools, probably doesn’t get frequent overhauls. As it turns out, block printing on tea towels is also pretty easy and inexpensive to do. Bonus: it makes a cute, personalized hostess gift.

For a true block print, get thee to the Martha Stewart website and follow the detailed step-by-step. You can also download free templates for this shadowy neutral-on-neutral design.


For a faux block print, check out this smarty-pants rubber-stamping tutorial from Centsational Girl. We love her choice of a neutral background fabric with two shades of Mediterranean blue for the design, in two different sizes.


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