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Bistro Box: Farm-to-Table Roadside Goodness



In our little corner of Western Massachusetts, an area rich in culture and dining options, we’re lucky enough to see new restaurants pop up almost every season. This summer, the one that’s got us the most jazzed is the Bistro Box, a quick-service roadside stand that serves—drum roll, please—local, farm-to-table comfort foods with a scrumptious contemporary twist.

The Bistro Box was founded by Nick and Birdie Joseph, both Culinary Institute of America–trained chefs, as a food truck in 2010. They parked in Florida in the winters and then made the trip up to New England for the warmer seasons. This April, when a space opened up in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, they decided to set down permanent stakes. The Bistro Box became an immediate sensation, with enthusiastic foodies posting pics of their favorite meals almost daily to Instagram and Facebook.

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Of course, in the name of investigative journalism, we took a spin to the southern reaches of our county. Okay, we’ve actually made five more trips since then, but we assure you it’s all been for professional research purposes.

One look at the menu will tell you why: the Bistro Box is all about mixing classic drive-in, roadside fare with fresh, quality ingredients sourced from local farms. Depending on the day, the Bistro Box has offered everything from a tangy Asian salad with mixed greens, edamame, scallions, crispy wontons, and sesame orange vinaigrette to flavor-packed gazpacho and a plethora of juicy burgers (the falafel with red pepper feta spread is a must). And the hand-cut fries—plain or decked out with grated Parmesan and truffle oil, or garlic and fresh herbs—are our new addiction. For when we need a sweet fix, there’s also locally crafted ice cream and seasonal desserts like berry shortcakes, or fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade.



With everything priced at $8 or less, the Bistro Box is our new favorite way to grab a quick yet memorable meal at a budget-friendly price. Anyone up for a road trip?

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