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Bed Ed: Easy Bed Refresh

Two of the simplest steps in the decorating world for instantly changing the look of a room are adding decorative pillows and swapping out shams. Just as every good outfit can be perfected (or transformed) with the right accessories, so can the bed and the bedroom!

We love this approach because it is a fun, fast and low-commitment way to experiment with new colors and patterns, and breathes new life into larger pieces we already have and love.  Pop some pillows into their shams, toss on a throw pillow or two, and you’re done! Best of all, it’s affordable, allowing us to keep our décor fresh without changing out the most expensive pieces.

Here’s a quick guide to giving your bed a new look with decorative pillows and shams. For an even more dramatic transformation, try adding an extra piece — a quiltduvet, or throw — that coordinates with one of your new shams.


Just adding the Kenly throw pillow to our Brentwood Velvet Ocean bedding starts to change the look of the bed and room.

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Kenly Linen Decorative Pillow
Brentwood Velvet Ocean Quilt
Brentwood Velvet Ocean Shams


Adding a few luxe quilted shams (in matte velvet, yum) and matching quilt will completely transform the look of a room and warm it up beautifully for the fall and winter.


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Kenly Linen Decorative Pillow
Kenly Linen Duvet Cover
Matte Velvet Juniper Quilted Sham
Matte Velvet Juniper Quilt


It is amazing how a simple throw and single decorative pillow complements and perfects an otherwise neutral bed. And what could be easier than swapping out these two pieces for a completely new look?


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Airlie Decorative Linen Pillow
Airlie Linen Curtain Panel
Bauble Chenille Spice Throw
Wilton Natural Bedspread and Shams


How about you? What’s your favorite way to refresh your bed?

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