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Balancing Act: The Art of Compromise Decorating

We’ve all been there. He wants his worn-out leather recliner smack dab in the middle of the living room. You want pretty things—especially bed sheets–but he says no way. We’re here to help you balance things out!


Step 1:  Agree on a Palette

Think of colors that the two of you will be happy to live with not just for now, but a few years on.


(Paint colors courtesy of Farrow & Ball)

Blue is a color we use often. It’s the color of so much of the natural world—the sea, the sky—and comes in an infinite variety of shades. Blue is also soothing, which is why it works well in so many kinds of rooms, particularly bedrooms.


Step 2:  Play with patterns you both love.

This bedroom, from our exuberant C3 collection, mixes blue patterns with abandon. There’s stripes for him and confetti dots for you! To further amp up the pattern play, our C3 indoor/outdoor herringbone rug makes for a soft place to step out of bed in the morning. The result: a beautifully classic bedroom that’s made for both of you.


Here’s more pattern play:



Step 3: Opposites Attract

Again the key is balance. We love the interplay between the more masculine leather headboard with the fluffy knit throw and ruffled linen shams.



Step 4: Make it Personal.

Both of you should have a say in what elements you’d like to live with. Do you collect prints? Scatter a few on a wall, up a staircase wall, in a family room.


Making a home happy means constantly evolving the pieces as your life changes. Add fresh flowers, family photos, whatever you connect with…it’s your way of making your home a reflection of you both.

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