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At Home with Nest: Protection by Design

The sad truth about some of our most basic home necessities is that they’re—how should we put this?—not much to look at. We’ll leave talk of toilets, heating vents, and fuse boxes for another time, because today we’re tackling another unsightly must-have: smoke detectors. Fortunately, the folks at Nest have figured out how to make a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector that looks like an intentional design element instead of a cheap plastic eyesore.


Annie first became acquainted with Nest products when researching programmable thermostats for her new home. She settled on the Nest Thermostat because its smart technology “learns” your schedule, and programs itself to raise or lower the temperature based on the times that you’re home or away from home. It can also be programmed remotely, via a handy little app, and will talk to other Nest products within the home, for optimal efficiency—and up to 20 percent savings on those killer winter heating bills.


So when Annie decided she’d had enough of her previous smoke detector, which had taken to random squawking at all hours of the day, despite a seemingly never-ending supply of fresh batteries, she called the folks at Nest. They stepped right in, with a pair of new smoke detectors for her to test out.


Installation was quick—less than 20 minutes per detector—and involved only a few steps and a Philips-head screwdriver. First she removed the ugly old plastic detector and its mounting plate.


IMG_4237_crop IMG_4238_crop


Then she twisted together the electrical wires, as described in the package instructions, including for a new plug, and installed the new mounting plate.


IMG_4245_210 IMG_4242_210 IMG_4252_210


Finally, she popped the plug into its outlet on the back of the Nest Smoke Detector, and clicked it into place in its new home.




Setup practically took care of itself, as the Nest detectors connected with each other and Annie’s Nest Thermostat to form a home network, which she can now control from anywhere in the house and remotely via the app.




Annie was sold as soon as she heard the Nest Smoke Detector’s audio warning system, which ditches the old-school screechy alarms for a series of color-coded light warnings and a clear, authoritative female voice that calmly tells you what might be going wrong and in which room of the house. The detector also has a nifty path-light feature that illuminates when you walk under it at night—so no more stubbing your toes or whacking your knees on the bed frame on the way to the bathroom.


Sure, the safety factor and all the bonus features are why she wanted the Nest Smoke Detector in the first place, but aesthetics are always on Annie’s mind. She loves that the Nest looks modern and sculptural, and doesn’t detract from the design of her rooms—you might even say they enhance the sleek, clean look she’s created. She went with the white Nest, to better blend in with her ceilings, but the detector also comes in black, to complement darker interior decor.





Now we’re going to sit back and wait to see if the clever designers at Nest can do something about those toilets, heating vents, and fuse boxes. . . .

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