Home Decorating As seen in Season 1 of Celebrity IOU

As seen in Season 1 of Celebrity IOU

We’re honored that Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott – along with actors Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, Jeremy Renner, and musician Michael Buble – all chose our Dash & Albert rugs for their heartwarming makeovers on Celebrity I.O.U., the new show from the Property Brothers. 

One of HGTV’s signature home makeover shows, the premise of Celebrity I.O.U. is that an A-list actor chooses a friend or family member who is deserving of a renovation, and Jonathan and Drew Scott make it happen—in record time.

Episode 1 kicks off with none other than Brad Pitt, who creates a backyard pad for his make-up artist friend. And in Episode 2, actor and comedian Melissa McCarthy arranges a makeover for her aunt and uncle, two retired police officers in the Chicago area.

“Connie and Jim have spent their whole life taking care of other people,” McCarthy tells the viewers. “I can’t think of anyone else who deserves it more.”

The project is ambitious in its scope: The entire ground floor of the home, including the kitchen, plus an additional room on the lower level, Jim’s “man cave”—all to be completed in just three weeks’ time.

The goal was to bring the home up-to-date and open the kitchen up for easier entertaining, and family gatherings. Another concern was to make the home easier to navigate for McCarthy’s uncle who had been injured on the job years ago. The areas to be renovated had a mix of different flooring with area rugs laid of old, wall-to-wall green carpet in some parts that McCarthy and her cousin worried was “treacherous.” Jonathan and Drew’s solution was to install new hardwood flooring with enough texture to the wood to make them easy-to-grip underfoot. 

We were delighted when Jonathan and Drew chose our Moroccan-inspired Numa Charcoal Hand Knotted Rug from Dash & Albert, which is layered over a non-slip rug pad, to cozy up the living area. It’s part of the modern-yet-timeless scheme Jonathan and Drew devised to look great for years to come.

Down in Jim’s “man cave” the brothers opted for Dash & Albert’s Alloy Zinc Loom Knotted Bamboo Rug, again, paired with a non-slip rug pad; it’s a solid neutral model that has a soft feel, yet a low pile. Paired with a new leather recliner and a state-of-the-art media set-up, the space is truly a spot to relax and enjoy a game.

The décor choices McCarthy and the Scott brothers made were all meant to reflect Connie and Jim’s own warmth and fun-loving spirit. McCarthy, who is no stranger to home remodels (she’s apparently a serial renovator!), nicely explained why this makeover is more than a surface job, “Lightening and changing your house, giving it that fresh spin,” says McCarthy, “That can be a point of joy for them.” It’s a sentiment we share: We’re all about bringing happy home.

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In Episode 3 of Celebrity I.O.U., actress Viola Davis organized a renovation for her Julliard classmate Michelle, who’d recently been through a battle with breast cancer. “The most important thing for her is about family connection,” says Davis. This time it was not a surprise that the renovation was happening, but the specific design remained a secret until the big reveal. “She deserves something just for her,” Davis told Jonathan and Drew. Davis’s vision was a peaceful space with a light and airy color palette.

The full-on, ground-floor makeover gave Michelle and her family a brand new kitchen, dining room, and living room, which all flow into one another in an open-plan arrangement. In the living room, Jonathan and Drew opted for our Icelandic Grey Hand Knotted Rug, a super-soft model from Dash & Albert’s “Designer Favorites” collection, which fit in perfectly with the white, gray, and blush palette of the room. Adding the finishing touches to the living area, Davis said the room had the “calm relaxing meditative feeling that we wanted.”

At Davis’s request, the brothers also tackled Michelle’s office. The design brief here was to create a sanctuary or retreat where Michelle could “shut the door.” Jonathan and Drew opted for Dash & Albert’s Arelli Hand Knotted Wool/Viscose Rug, which has a plush, comforting feel underfoot and a calming color palette that matched the rest of the room’s chilled-out style. “You are a creative person,” Drew told Michelle, “And creative people need a Zen place where they can reset.”

At the close of the episode, Viola says, “It’s about love and connecting—and showing the love. The renovation of this house was motivated by love and trying to give a friend a sanctuary and a home that reflects all that she is.” We dare you not to get choked up!

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In the fourth episode of Celebrity I.O.U., singer Michael Buble calls in Drew and Jonathan to remodel his late grandfather’s home. Buble and his grandfather had always been close; says Buble, “Growing up he was my hero, I loved talking to him.” At the end of his life, Buble‘s grandfather shared two wishes: The first was that the house, which he had built himself, stay in the family. The second was that the house be given to his caretaker Minette, who was with him for eight years and is considered part of the Buble family. “By the end, she was his best friend,” says Buble of Minette. “[She is] this compassionate, kind, empathetic person, who never did anything for herself,” says Buble of his motivation to make the space special for Minette.

While Buble’s grandfather’s house was well cared for and “immaculate” in Drew’s words, it had not been updated since the 1970s. Buble envisioned a fresh start for Minette to make her life in the home: Something modern and welcoming. As soon as they walked in the door, Jonathan and Scott envisioned opening up the ground floor rooms to one another for their signature open-concept look. They also envisioned turning the never-used formal living room into a dining room to make way for a big island in the kitchen. The family room would also get a refresh and become the sole living room.

The kitchen got the most dramatic makeover with a down-to-the-studs update that included new cabinetry, counters, appliances, and a huge island. “This was where all the entertaining was done,” says Buble of the original space. When asked what he would want for Minette in a new kitchen, Buble replies, “Brightness. I think it’s really nice to have a kitchen and dining area where it’s really bright and feels alive.” Drew and Jonathan more than deliver with a chef-worthy space with a fresh, modern look. You’ll glimpse some of our home accessories that embody that bright, light style in the final reveal, including our Tara Marble Bowl, Pinch Vessels, Cement Cube, and Marble Cylinder Set.

In the adjoining family room, the team ripped out old wall-to-wall carpet and laid down the same oak flooring used in the rest of the ground floor, so it no longer feels like an added-on room, and more like a fully integrated part of the home. To define the living space and add a layer of warmth, they used our Alloy Sandstone Loom Knotted Bamboo Rug in the quietest shade of blush; made from viscose, it’s especially soft underfoot. The room is feminine and soft without being overtly so, and the subdued style lets the mountain view take center stage. Another element that upped the cozy factor was the addition of a gas fireplace. To add a personal touch, the brothers had one of Grandpa’s signature sayings etched onto the fireplaces surround; it reads, “Today’s curse is tomorrow’s blessing,” which are words that feel even more apt today than ever.

When Minette finally sees the new house and learns that it will be her home, she is visibly overwhelmed. “It is so special to be able to do something like this for someone who took care of a family member,” says Drew. “I can’t wait to see the new memories that are going to be made.” Buble agrees, “The legacy of family and kindness and goodness continues. This is what my grandpa was about.”

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