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Artist Crush: Maggie Mailer

If you’ve ever wondered what Rachel Maddow, Jimmy Buffett, and dozens of Berkshire and New York City art collectors have in common, here’s the answer: the paintings of Maggie Mailer. One look at her dreamy, layered, abstract-meets-narrative landscapes and “mindscapes,” and you’ll understand why.

Fugue State.72dpi

Fugue State

After receiving her B.A. from Columbia University in 1993, Maggie, a New York native and the daughter of author Norman Mailer and jazz singer Carol Stevens, came to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where she opened a studio in a vacant storefront downtown. When a variety of other visual artists began to follow her lead, she formed the Storefront Artist Project, a residence program that tore down the walls between the artist and the creative process, and a key organization that helped spearhead the revival of the city. In 2009, Maggie became the first Artist in Residence at the Berkshire Museum, also in Pittsfield, and has received several arts grants and been featured in cover stories in the Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times.

panel 2_contrast

panel 2_contrast

The Vapors.72dpi

The Vapors

Maggie has created art for both national and international exhibitions, and on private commission. While many of her collections are centered around a theme, the common thread is her creative splicing of ideas from fables, Mayan cosmology, Renaissance printing techniques, astronomy, and garden architecture, which coalesce into stunning images where space and time intersect, enfold each other, and ultimately conceive their own, entirely new form. With their soft-focus quality and mix of form and color, Maggie’s art is everything we could want on our walls.

Wish it was Back Home

Wish it was Back Home


Maggie’s paintings are on exhibit now at the Barn Gallery at Stonover Farm in Lenox, Massachusetts.  The show will be up through Labor Day, so don’t miss out.



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