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Artist Crush: Elisabeth Lecourt




During our recent Dash & Albert catalog photo shoot at the stunning Stonover Farm,  we came across a bunch of jaw-droppingly cool artists that are slated to be featured in an upcoming summer exhibit on textile-inspired art curated by Stonover co-owner Suky Werman. In anticipation of the show, we’re kicking off a series of artist profiles, starting with the amazing multidisciplinary talent Elisabeth Lecourt.


Lecourt at Monterrey Design Week, 2008

Born in France, Lecourt holds degrees from Kingston University and the Royal College of Art in London. By intricately folding maps, she forces paper to take the shape of clothing that represents the wearer’s habitat and identity—a “portrait of people through their clothes, like a blue-print of their soul,” as she puts it. We love the alternately delicate and rigid appearance, which comments on the interplay of human strength, sensitivity, and vulnerability that’s so often a focus of Lecourt’s work. She also creates some pretty fantastic paintings, textile art, illustrations, and paintings, so kick back with a cup of tea and take a few minutes to get lost in the gorgeousness on her website. 

Lecourt, who lives in London, has shown her work in a variety of galleries in France, England, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United States, and Malaysia. If you’re in the Berkshire area between July 19 and September 2, don’t miss this opportunity to view her innovative art.


©Elisabeth Lecourt


©Elisabeth Lecourt


©Elisabeth Lecourt


©Elisabeth Lecourt


©Elisabeth Lecourt




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