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Artist Crush: Cynthia Wick

You’ve no doubt heard the old quip about how to get to Carnegie Hall. If Cynthia Wick’s practice ethic is any indication, she might just be on her way to maestro status. The Los Angeles native, who earned her B.F.A. from UCLA and then spent 20 years in the movie business, has been creating art on a daily basis for decades, and the results are pretty spectacular.

Cynthia left the film world for the Berkshires about five years ago and returned to her passion, painting. Her portraiture, landscapes, and still lifes all bear her signature soft, brustroke-y hand, a nuanced play of shadow and highlight, and often unexpected color combinations.





A few years back, she found yet another unique way to express her art. With the iPad app Brushes, she began creating eye-popping digital art. The portability of the app allows her to take a compact digital palette and “easel” with her wherever she goes, and to create art on the fly, as inspiration strikes. As she told Rural Intelligence, “There is something tactile and spontaneous about painting with my finger on an iPad. The process is freeing and has helped me paint in a more intuitive way.”

ipad painting 1

ipad painting 1

ipad painting 2

ipad painting 2

To see Cynthia’s work in person, take a trip this summer to Stonover Farm’s Barn Gallery, where she’ll be featured in the exhibit Landscapes, Farmscapes, Cityscapes, Mindscapes.



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