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Art for Every Day: The Binderie Collection Backstory

The inspirations behind each piece.

I'm always looking, I'm always seeing, I'm always accumulating ideas and trying to figure out how to translate them into quilts and textiles.

–Victoria van der Laan

"This is a completely intuitive piece
inspired by blades of grass."

“I have this thing about forms coming really close but not touching. I just love the vibration that happens when forms almost – but not quite – touch."

“This was inspired by a pile of rocks in a river. I wanted to see if I could translate that cairn into pieced textiles. I'm always trying to figure out how to translate ideas into quilts.”

“This is was one of my favorite pieces from that collection, because I love the minimalism of it. The simplicity of ground, sky, and two rocks next to each other.”

“These are based on pebbles embedded in the dirt I saw while taking a hike in the Catskills.”

In 2018, textile artist Victoria van der Laan had a week-long residency at a cabin the Catskills, studying landforms and hiking to waterfalls.

That winter, she turned elements of nature into strikingly modern quilted textiles that she and Annie Selke have translated into Art for Every Day – a collection of cotton voile quilts and shams, decorative pillows for inside and out, and art that honors the original abstract modern masters: women who made quilts.

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